Courtnie Ross – Impact 4 Good

18 Years of Philanthropic Teambuilding: Celebrating the Impacts

  It’s been a fantastic 18 years of spreading love, laughter, and making a positive difference through philanthropic teambuilding. From day one, our goal was clear: to bring people together for a purpose beyond the board room. Through thousands of teambuilding events, we’ve seen coworkers turn into friends, and communities transformed by the impact of […]

Choosing a Meaningful Give Back Cause and Communicating Its Impact

“Together, we can make a difference!” “Through your efforts, a life will be changed!” “It’s up to us to make an impact!” These exclamations are often heard during philanthropic teambuilding activities. They are meant to evoke an emotional response and inspire employees. But often employees might not fully understand the impact the company is trying […]

The Four Ps of Meaningful CSR Events

Authentic engagement in CSR is no longer an optional tenet of good corporate citizenship; it’s a necessity. CSR events have become a popular activity with corporations wanting to give back, but executing these events and activities is complex. We’ve identified The Four Ps of Meaningful CSR Events to provide a clear and helpful framework for […]