Disaster Relief – Impact 4 Good


90 minutes
Meeting venue ballroom or your office space
Space Requirement:
Consider same approximate space you would use for your group’s meal
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Earthquakes, Floods, Drought, Fires, Hurricanes… How can those outside a devastated community make an immediate difference?
‘Disaster relief’ involves supporting and rebuilding a community when natural or human-made disasters occur. Impact 4 Good’s “Disaster Relief: Search & Rescue Mission” brings the experience and shock of a disaster to the ballroom. Participants are brought into a room that has been designed to look like a disaster area, and work in teams to gather and ultimately assemble the disaster relief donation bags, boxes or kits to a designated community in need. Through this very hands-on experience, we are able to connect participants with the community in need and provide a memorable and meaningful CSR experience.
Impact 4 Good partners with local emergency organizations and/or community leaders where there is a need. Due to the nature of this specific event, we work with clients to find a fitting and deserving group or community in need, which may not always be near an event location. If possible, a representative of the beneficiary organization can be present at the event. A video or pictures can also be shown to thank the client and provide additional information on how this donation will be used.