Employment 4 All – Impact 4 Good


90-120 Minutes
Setup Time:
1 Hour
Space Requirement:
Utilize your existing general session space OR consider the same approximate space you would use for your group’s meal.
Group Size:
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Even in times of strong employment growth, some underserved communities experience barriers to employment. These barriers, such as disabilities, limited English-speaking ability, a lack of education or vocational training, and others prevent many individuals from getting the employment opportunity to show their talents.
According to the U.S. Office of Special Education and Rehabilitative Services, support from the community enables individuals to expand skills and experience so that they may secure satisfying careers and the benefits of employment. Community Support provides opportunities to:
  • Build relationships
  • Sharpen Workplace Skills
  • Learn work skills
The goal of this event is to support disadvantaged job seekers by donating laptops, and sharing team-created employment advice videos, along with customized gift boxes with encouraging messages to job candidates.
As the activity begins, our lead facilitator shares information about the beneficiary organization and explains that teams must compete in an interactive trivia challenge to earn the materials needed for the donation.
Questions revolve around the following themes:
  • Cause/Beneficiary Themed Trivia
  • General Trivia or Pop Culture Trivia
  • Customizable Corporate Themes/Trivia
Participants answer the questions and earn points for questions they get correct and additional points for being the first to answer the question correctly. Different rounds keep the group excited and engaged throughout!
Upon completion of the trivia challenge, teams receive materials required to to capture their best employment, job search or interviewing tips and tricks. The team then determines their favorite employment tips to record a video utilizing our messaging software. A link to the videos recorded during the event will be provided to the local employment support organization so that their clients may access the video library.
After the winning team is announced, a beneficiary representative personally thanks the group for their meaningful contribution to their mission and helps to raise awareness of the work being done in the local community.