Takin’ It To The Streets – Impact 4 Good


4 hours
Meeting venue ballroom or your office space to start
Space Requirement:
Consider same approximate space you would use for your group’s meal for program kick-off
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To truly understand a community, one must know its people. One way to know its people is through organizations that work to respond to the challenges and needs of everyday community inhabitants.
During this approximately 4-hour activity, participants work in teams to creatively help local charitable organizations successfully achieve their community mission. Teams are matched with community organizations and pre-determined projects researched and selected by Impact 4 Good. After arriving to the site of the organization they will assist and learning more about their work in the community, teams complete a service project on-site and use additional funds to creatively enhance their donation. Painting classrooms, building furniture, planting gardens, replacing old light bulbs with higher efficiency bulbs, landscaping, assembling bookshelves, etc.; the sky is the limit on what you can do!
Following the on-site portion of the program, teams return to the meeting venue with a representative from the organization they worked for. With these representatives acting as the “jury”, teams then present the challenges they faced at their organization, and how they creatively responded to it while showing pictures of their work on large screens. The jury then decides on which team had the most creative and meaningful project of the day! Although there is a “winning team” based on performance during the program, the real winners are all of the organizations that received a helping hand!