About Us – Impact 4 Good
“What a wonderful thing that you do for our society. Everyone wins. Corporation employees grow in their commitment to one another while helping to provide needed services for needy communities. Bravo and thank you so much!”
– Trish McCarty
StarShine Academy Schools

Pioneers in “Socially Responsible Teambuilding”

Impact 4 Good began as the brainchild of individuals with significant experience in both the corporate meetings/incentive space as well as the nonprofit and community service world. As one of the lead pioneers in the industry of “socially responsible teambuilding”, Impact 4 Good has helped define the very roadmap of what meaningful, purposeful teambuilding looks like today. Our ten plus years of delivering quality teambuilding 4 good has not only positively impacted employee engagement in companies nationwide, but has benefited hundreds upon hundreds of community organizations where our programs have taken place.

IMPACTFUL Team Building Catered to YOUR Needs

Impact 4 Good has facilitators in cities across the US, and a worldwide network of partner community service organizations. Our teambuilding activities are portable and can go wherever your meeting will be based!

What sets us apart from other corporate teambuilding companies?

  • What other team building company offering community service programs actually has staff that spent time in the non-profit/community service world?
  • We offer a more personalized service, working closely with you to customize your event around your teams requirements.
  • We offer a unique selection of activities and beneficiary organizations
  • Our team works across the county and abroad, within your budget
  • Most programs are 2 hours or less, and we can accommodate any size event, from 10 to 10,000!