Before founding Impact 4 Good, Ira Almeas had spent years recognizing a significant challenge within the meetings and events industry. While this field excelled at producing agendas that allowed groups to strategize, reward, recognize, and experience the meeting destination together, Ira believed there was an opportunity for deeper connections that could lead to more impactful results. He saw the potential not only to unite individuals but also to bridge the gap between these groups and the communities surrounding them.

Meanwhile, Alan was deeply involved in grassroots development, where he witnessed firsthand the transformative power of people uniting to support a common cause. He observed how such gatherings altered the dynamics among those involved and their relationships with the broader community.

An Idea Sparked

Fast forward to a conversation at a wedding where Alan and Ira explored the idea of using community service to strengthen group bonds. This spark ignited the concept of Impact 4 Good: bringing community service to clients wherever they gather.

In 2005, this concept was new, positioning us to pioneer CSR team building. For nearly two decades, our company has remained at the forefront of innovation within the industry, driving its growth and  corporations' impact on local communities.

Expanding Client Base

Initially, our clients were meeting planners for national sales meetings and incentives. Then came the HR professionals who are dedicated to fostering employee engagement, instilling pride in their organizations, and cultivating loyalty among their staff.

Throughout our journey, Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) as a corporate value has surged.  CSR teams putting corporate values into action often consist of just one or two individuals supporting Fortune 500-sized organizations. We have become an invaluable extension of their workforce, offering the resources needed to plan, organize, and facilitate their community-focused initiatives.

Expanding Services

Our products and services have evolved to adapt to the changing work landscape. We began with all in-person events, then successfully navigated the challenge of engaging remote teams through virtual and hybrid events. Most recently, we have introduced a line of do-it-yourself Impact Kits to cater to diverse needs. 

Looking Ahead

As we look ahead, we’re excited to continue expanding our offerings and serving our clients in impactful new ways. All with that common mission from our inception in mind - connecting corporations and communities.