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Building blocks, like Lego bricks, are fundamental components of childhood. You’ll find them scattered across bedroom floors and classroom tables, serving as essential tools for play, entertainment, and early academic growth in children. They also play a crucial role in enhancing mechanical skills, such as hand-eye coordination

This giveback event celebrates a Lego donation to schools and child-development centers, and in the spirit of this occasion, teams are tasked with constructing Lego bridges. However, there’s a twist that emphasizes the importance of teamwork. While the end goal is to create a bridge with two symmetrical and identical sides, teams are divided into two groups and work in separate areas that can’t see each other. They only connect their bridges at the end of the program. Team members building each side of the bridge have limited visibility of what the other side is doing but can communicate at specific intervals. The team that achieves the most identical and symmetrical bridge wins! Ultimately, all the blocks used during the event are donated to a local organization focused on child development.  

To close our events, we invite a representative from the beneficiary to express their gratitude and raise awareness on the impact their work has on the community. This establishes a direct connection to the cause and organization your team is supporting.


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Activity Info


2 hours

Set Up Time

45 minutes

Space Requirement

Two rooms required; 2 tables per team (one in each room).

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Impact 4 Good is a great one-stop-shop professional organization that allowed me to tap into them about two weeks before my big event and they helped to bring my mind at ease by ensuring me that they handle mostly all (if not all) components of their activities. The team did not disappoint and I received multiple compliments on how well received the activity was by all levels of employees in the organization. What Impact 4 Good has to provide is truly a “gift” – for both those who participate in a team giving activity and those in receipt of the donations from the activity. It was truly seamless and worry-free – and as the lead for the broader event in which Impact 4 Good was incorporated – they fit right in. Fantastic work from the entire team from my first call to my thank you at the end of the event!

– Johnson & Johnson

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