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With our Impact Kits, you can lead a give back activity on your own. Each kit contains all the necessary materials for the donation and comes with detailed activity instructions.

Supporting a vulnerable child is an incredible way to make an important impact. Whether the child is enduring a hospital stay, adjusting to foster care, or coping with a traumatic event, our “Comfort Buddies” program brings hope and provides support during these challenging moments. 

Participants will assemble the stuffed animals, and share a message of hope and encouragement to put on a tiny t-shirt for the animal to wear. The end result is a memorable donation for children who can use some cheering up.

Kits Include:

  • Materials to create one hand-made stuffed animal with a customized t-shirt containing a message of encouragement
  • Ground shipping to one US location
  • Instructions, language for activity invitations, speaking notes for the host, and best practice tips

Available Add-ons; 

  • Shipping to individual participants
  • Sourcing a local beneficiary for your donation: $250


We also offer “Comfort Buddies” as a facilitated teambuilding activity.


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DIY Impact Kit

Everyone had a great time putting the stuffed animals together. We thought the quality was superb and the instructions were easy to follow. We dropped the items off to the Baby Bureau so hopefully, they will be able to bring some smiles to he children. Look forward to working with you again. Let us know what other event would work well for our group to do around the same time next year.

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