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The majority of plastic pollution in the ocean is caused by littering. When items are not disposed of properly, litter can end up in waterways and eventually the ocean. This hands-on activity spotlights how pollution affects the local environment and facilitates action to help protect the shoreline.  

As the activity begins, our Impact 4 Good facilitator speaks about shoreline pollution and the benefits community organizations provide by educating youth about the environment. The program then moves into  an interactive and competitive team trivia game to raise awareness, followed by teams assembling “Shoreline Cleanup Kits” and crafting bracelets from reclaimed materials. The kits are donated to a local organization to perform shoreline cleanups, and upon participating, students receive the glass bead bracelets as a thank you and a memory of the difference they made together. 

To close our events, we invite a representative from the beneficiary to express their gratitude and raise awareness on the impact their work has on the community.


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Activity Info


90 minutes

Set Up Time

90-120 minutes

Space Requirement

Table space for each team. A/V: music/mic + screen/projection with HDMI connection for facilitator laptop.

Group Size


Philanthropic Cause(s)

Education, Environment

CSR Activity Format(s)


I have partnered with Impact 4 Good on a number of events, all with very different audiences and objectives, and Impact 4 Good hits the mark EVERY time.

– Philadelphia Insurance

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