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With our Impact Kits, you can lead a give back activity on your own. Each kit contains all the necessary materials for the donation and comes with detailed activity instructions.

Roughly 6.5 million companion animals enter US animal shelters each year. While being abandoned by the family you love is tragic in itself, it’s worsened when what was once a cozy bed is now the cold drafty concrete shelter floor. 

This program creates comfortable, safe bedding for anxious pets in shelters waiting for their forever home. Creating a small safe haven for these animals reduces stress and allows potential adopters to see them as part of their homes and lives.

In addition to creating animal beds, participants are given materials to assemble stimulating dog and cat toys to keep them active! These easy to assemble toys will provide entertainment for hours, bringing joy into what might be a daunting shelter stay

Kits Include:

  • Materials to create 1 pet bed, 1 dog toy, 2 cat toys
  • Ground shipping to one US location
  • Instructions, language for activity invitations, speaking notes for the host and best practice tips

Available Add-ons; 

  • Shipping to individual participants
  • Sourcing a local beneficiary for your donation: $250


We also offer “Shelter Snuggles” as a facilitated teambuilding activity.


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DIY Impact Kit

“Thank you so much for organizing this event. It was above and beyond our expectations. We’re looking forward to future events.”

– Quest Diagnostics
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