Since 2021, Impact 4 Good has had the incredible privilege of collaborating with Optiv, supporting their Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) programs with passion and purpose.

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In 2023, we've expanded our partnership with Optiv, the cyber advisory and solutions leader, and the company’s Optiv Chips In program, to orchestrate 15 extraordinary events across 15 cities. Optiv's commitment to giving back resonates deeply with us. They focus on nurturing the next generation of technology professionals and uplifting underserved communities, leaving a trail of positive change wherever they go. 

In January, Optiv set an audacious goal - aiming to set a Guinness World Record during their annual kick-off meeting. Together, we orchestrated a custom teambuilding event, crafting the Largest Basketball Sentence using a staggering 1,145 basketballs. These basketballs were then donated to the Boys & Girls Club of Metro Denver, benefitting 23,000 kids in the program.

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Optiv's dedication doesn't stop there. With the active involvement of over ~1,500 employees this year, they've made substantial contributions to communities, including 1,728 canned goods, 41 computers, 20 solar car kits, 18 roller coaster challenge kits, 60 stuffed animals, and 30 circuit kits. These donations are not just material; they also bind the team together, instilling pride in being part of a company that prioritizes CSR initiatives.

Amber Peacher, Sr. CSR Manager for Optiv, summarized our strong relationship when she shared “Our partnership with Impact 4 Good is extremely important to us because we know that we have a trusted team that is an extension of who we are.”  This means the world to us. Not only supporting her vision and the goals of the program, but making it a reality. Together, we're creating ripples of positive change, leaving lasting impacts for good across the nation.

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