Summer is a great time to volunteer with nonprofit organizations and make a positive impact on communities. Volunteering with nonprofits not only serves those in need but also fosters teamwork and camaraderie.

With our Volunteer Connect service, we can match you with one of our 1,000+ nonprofit partners to volunteer in your community. Here are our top 10 activities to get the ideas flowing:

  1. Community Clean-up Day with a Local Environmental Group: Partner with an environmental nonprofit to organize a community clean-up day. Work together to beautify parks, beaches, or neighborhoods while learning about environmental conservation.
  2. Gardening with a Sustainable Agriculture Initiative: Join forces with a nonprofit focusing on sustainable agriculture to spend a day gardening. Help plant, weed, or harvest crops at a local farm or community garden, contributing to food security and environmental sustainability efforts.
  3. Animal Care with a Rescue Organization: Collaborate with a rescue organization to assist with animal care activities. Your team can help feed, clean, and provide enrichment for rescued animals while learning about wildlife conservation.
  4. Supporting a Youth Development Program: Volunteer with a nonprofit offering youth development programs, such as summer camps or mentoring initiatives. Assist with activities, supervise children, and provide support to empower the next generation.
  5. Assisting at a Homeless Shelter or Food Pantry: Partner with a nonprofit operating homeless shelters or food pantries to serve meals and provide support to individuals experiencing homelessness. Offer your time and compassion to make a difference in the lives of those in need.
  6. Plan a 5K to Support a Charity:: Gather your team to coordinate and plan a 5K race for a charity of your choosing. Promote it with your corporate teams as well as their extended communities to make an impact and raise money for a worthy cause. 
  7. Help Building or Renovating Homes: Join forces with Sustainable Housing Organizations  to help build or renovate homes for families in need. Work alongside skilled volunteers and homeowners to create affordable housing solutions.
  8. Organizing Fundraising Events with Social Service Agencies: Partner with social service agencies to organize fundraising events supporting vulnerable populations. Plan and execute events such as charity sports tournaments, fun runs, or gala dinners to raise funds and awareness for important causes.
  9. Education and Literacy Initiatives with Schools or Libraries: Collaborate with schools, libraries, or literacy nonprofits to support education and literacy initiatives. Volunteer to read to children, organize educational activities, or assist with tutoring programs to promote literacy and learning.
  10. Assisting Elderly or Disabled Individuals with Community Support Organizations: Partner with community support organizations focusing on elderly or disabled individuals. Offer your time to assist with household chores, provide companionship, or organize recreational activities to enhance the quality of life for those in need.

By working together with a “4 Good” spirit, you’ll not only contribute to important causes but also inspire others. This summer, seize the opportunity to make a difference with your team and leave a lasting impact.


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