Started with a Presidential Proclamation in 1974, National Volunteer Week (April 15 to the 21st) is now recognized in many countries even beyond the US as a way to celebrate volunteers and volunteering! It is designed as a week to both acknowledge those who selflessly give of their own time to help others and to encourage those who may be looking for ways to get involved in volunteering.
Making time to acknowledge the efforts of your own people and their volunteer efforts in and of itself does GOOD! It also raises awareness for others who may be interested in giving back. And participating in volunteering and giving back can actually have positive psychological and physical benefits, from an increased sense of satisfaction, to an improved sense of belonging.

How can YOU get involved in volunteering? Reach out to community organizations who represent interests like your own, such as environmental, animal rights or relief services. Select a project that you can easily participate in, or better bring a friend!
How can your COMPANY or team get involved in CSR and giving back? This is where WE come in! You can work with Impact 4 Good to create a team build/give back event at either your corporate office, or your next corporate meeting. Or let us help create an annual event for your group that benefit others! In the process of doing this, you are also sending a message to your staff that your company is making CSR and “giving back” a corporate priority and this can create tremendous additional benefits, from attracting top talent, to creating a work environment where people feel valued for their efforts!

So give back to the community, have fun and GROW as a team!

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