Guess what: you’re not alone! COVID-19 forced many planners to pivot or postpone in 2020 and continues to wreak havoc on in-person gatherings for 2021 live events. If there’s a silver lining, it’s that you have options that can engage your team and enhance the virtual event agenda, while making a difference to/for those who need it most. Impact 4 Good has over 15 years of CSR experience, engaging corporate groups during meetings/events and can guide you through the best options for your event.

Options for your event include:
*Pre-Event Action Steps: All hail the agenda! Yes, time is tight with so much to cover in only a few days. With this option, challenge your participants with completing a task prior to the event that comes with strong messaging of bringing your team together and making a difference…all while not adding ANY time to your agenda.
*Full Blown Giveback: If you have the time, integrate an event that breaks up the speakers and content and puts your philanthropic values into action for 30-60 minutes. Event options include financial donations stemming from customized “quiz show” style events or tangible donation activities in which materials are sent out to participants for them to assemble, design, etc., during time spent together in breakouts.
*Short, Sweet & Throughout: Consider our financial donation ”quiz show” style events in 10–15-minute spurts each day of your multi-day agenda to reinforce content, keep participants engaged, and of course play for important causes!

Let us guide you through options that work with YOUR reality of agenda, budget, logistics goals and objectives. Every event is different, and fortunately there are many solutions that allow you to meet strategy, content, logistics, engagement and philanthropic giving goals. Impact 4 Good is your “easy button” to professionally manage your experience and make a lasting impact on all involved.

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