Q: From nonprofit to Impact 4 Good – how did you get here?

A: I always knew I loved to travel. Post college, I found a love for travel AND service as I moved to Ecuador to volunteer for a year. And ever since that experience, I’ve dedicated my life to the service of others. I’ve worked for nonprofits involved in education, hunger/food security, micro finance and international agriculture. All of that led to a chance discussion with my now business partner, Ira Almeas about his industry; “Meetings and Events”. We both saw the opportunity of how community service could enhance time spent together by corporate meeting attendees and we took the leap of faith on Impact 4 Good right then and there!

Q: What did working in the nonprofit area teach you about running your current business?

A: My nonprofit world experience helps us keep the focus where it should be for our business: on our beneficiary partners. Don’t get me wrong, our clients’ needs matter too! But we consider ourselves needs based on the beneficiary side too, which keeps front and center our reason for being. My nonprofit experience also enlightened me to the fact that many community organizations lack the resources to manage any kind of volunteer or give back project for corporate groups. Most don’t have the space, the budget or human resources to handle such an undertaking. We fill this important role by acting as the middle man and facilitator, bringing give back activities to the corporate meeting space, giving community organizations exposure and access to corporate clients that they would not have otherwise.

Q: What’s the BEST thing about working at Impact 4 Good?

A: We impact somebody’s life with every event we run. Whether it’s an unexpected gift for a child in the hospital such as a stuffed animal or remote control car, hands on tools to get kids excited about STEM education that their school may not have had access to previously, a meal for somebody who might not otherwise have eaten that day, or a blanket for a homeless veteran who has to sleep outside tonight, our events leave good behind, and touch the lives of those in need, and that’s a feeling you can’t beat.


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