The path forward is a bit unclear during these socially distant times and there are certainly some new obstacles in the way. However, one thing is as certain as ever for those in the CSR and employee engagement world…and that is the need to ensure that employees are still:

  • Coming together to collaborate in teams
  • Engaging with one another to form strong bonds with their colleagues
  • Having meaningful experiences with one another while making a lasting IMPACT

We understand that overcoming these obstacles might feel like a daunting task and you could be unsure about where to begin. But fortunately, through a “rethink routine” mindset (a favorite of ours!), Impact 4 Good has been able to provide the same “Return on Emotion” experience in a virtual fashion, that companies across the globe have come to expect from us when meeting in person!

As a way to bring the CSR community together and show you exactly what we are talking about, Impact 4 Good gave representatives from numerous companies across the globe a chance join our video conferencing platform to not only learn about our virtual programs, but personally compete in and play to WIN our “Great Giveback Game Show” competition.

What did the winner get you may ask?

The winner of the game show would earn the right to have a donation made in their company’s name to the First Responders Children’s Foundation Once the rules were explained and all competitors found out that they were playing to support a great cause you could instantly feel the desire to win!

Has Your Team Run A Virtual Event?

And the winner is….

Through multiple rounds of thematic and fast paced trivia, a winner was determined…but not without first being teased and strung along by our dramatic leaderboard! Ultimately though, Laura Gardner from Janssen Pharmaceutical bested everyone by scoring over 4,000 points!

Her shocked and enthusiastic smile said it all during the show and afterwards Laura even went on to say, “It was thrilling and really brought out my competitive side. And trying to answer the questions as fast as possible added to all the fun!” When asked if she can see employees feeling engaged in this virtual environment, she went on to say, “Yes, very much so. And even after I connected with fellow colleagues, and bragged how I “crushed it”…we talked about how great this will be for our company culture, especially in times like these.” Laura even added that being able to support the First Responders Children Foundation was “so appropriate and moving”, allowing her to feel a true emotional connection!

If you are interested in becoming or having someone on your team become our next Laura, reach out to the Impact 4 Good team at 973 952 9052 ext 303 or email us at

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