As a national provider of philanthropic team building, Impact 4 Good works with many different beneficiary organizations across the US, from food pantries and children’s hospitals, to local charter schools and after-school programs. Our goal is to provide our clients with engaging and fun team building activities and to identify a beneficiary organization as the recipient of their good will. We help companies choose an organization that best aligns with their corporate values and mission, as well as the goals and objectives of the selected team building activity. The “give back” part of our programs provide a benefit and connection to the community, and in some cases, a chance to engage with individuals who will be on the receiving end of a much-needed meaningful gesture.

One beneficiary organization we have partnered with many times over since we started in 2005 is the Boys and Girls Clubs of Central Florida. They currently have 35 individual clubs under their umbrella, and last year they provided services and support for over 15,000 children between the ages of 6-18 across Central Florida. They provide a haven for children in lower income areas and work to help keep kids focused on their education, and away from harmful distractions or unsupervised activities. More than 80% of their members come from low-income families and single parent households. These are children whose parents are truly strapped, where even the single parent may have one and sometimes two jobs to keep food on the table, and clothes on their back. Their end goal, according to Betsy Owens, Director of Marketing and Communications, is “to build healthy, and well-adjusted adults.”

Impact 4 Good asked Ms. Owens how donations from our clients’ events impact the lives of the children in these programs.

“The donations and gifts definitely have an emotional impact on the child that receives them. And donations like new bikes or educational toys are really luxuries that these families can’t consider. We all remember getting our first bicycle, and in so many ways these are things that we take for granted, these given parts of a normal childhood. However, for the children in our clubs, the gift of something new is something these kids don’t routinely experience. They are more accustomed to getting hand me downs. To get something that is new and their own, that is truly a big deal.”

At many of Impact 4 Good’s “bike build” events, the children from the beneficiary organization are on hand to surprise their clients and engage with the teams, and of course to receive their bikes in person. It can be a surprisingly emotional moment for everyone involved, as helmets and new bikes are matched up with the children in the room. Eyes light up, and the excitement and happiness are palpable.

It’s easy to overlook the impact that the gift of a brand-new bike or toy can have in the life of a child. But it is in these moments that the real spirit of philanthropy in found. Teambuilding that gives back offers many different benefits to all who are involved. And, if done right, leaves participants with the joyful and infectious sense of, “yes, let’s do more of THAT!” and the question, “what more can I do for an organization like this when I return home from this event?”

Impact 4 Good works with Boys and Girls Clubs and many other nonprofit and community organizations across the country and the world, to bring fun and rewarding team building and philanthropy to the ballroom, meeting room or conference room. If you are considering a teambuilding or CSR event for your next corporate meeting or event, contact Alan Ranzer at 301-214-1472 or request a quote at

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