After facilitating thousands of give back company events since our founding in 2005, we’ve collected our top tips to help you. With these tips, you’ll make your team event both incredibly meaningful for your organization and impactful for your selected charity.

1. Connect to the Cause

To kick off the event, share an overview of the organization you’re supporting. Include top stats on the social issue the charity supports and share stories to help the team understand the importance of the cause and the impact you can make.

2. Food always helps

Offer food and snacks as an incentive to attend the activity and keep the team’s creativity fed.

3. Timing Counts

Block off a concrete time for people to get involved. Consider a lunch hour as a break that may be open on schedules. For larger teams, or groups that can’t all be away from their desks at once, offer two sessions to accommodate schedule challenges.

4. Support from the Top

Underscore the importance of the effort to your team by having an executive highlight their support for impact. This can be an email invite, a video, or even better an onsite visit to participate in your event.

5. Show the Impact

Ask a contact from your activity beneficiary organization to write a short letter or video to be shared at the event.

6. Offer Options to Continue Support

Share options to continue supporting the beneficiary organization and encourage more community participation and volunteership.

7. Add a Little Competition

Offer a superlative award for the donation or event activity. The person with the most creative support message or the cutest donation creation are examples.

8. Share the Impact

Create a community channel in your office messaging service to share the event with others in your organization or even on your social media. Share the pride in the company’s values while engaging them in the ongoing community impact conversation.

9. Add to the Impact

Offer an option to supplement the event donation by having team members bring in additional items from home. (canned goods, children’s books, etc.)

10. Make it a Habit

Establish a consistent schedule and promote participating in these events bi-weekly, or once a month. Poll your employees about causes that are important to them and have them help choose the recipient charities.

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