(Or How Not All Team Building Companies Understand CSR)

Today, more and more companies across the globe are taking part in “give back” philanthropic programs and activities, as part of corporate meetings and events nationwide and abroad. And community based organizations, especially those for people in need, are benefitting from this continued growth.

But buyer beware – not all “team building” that promote philanthropic activities are the same!

The meetings and events industry has options when it comes to straightforward team building companies. But when shopping for a team building company with TRUE CSR experience, plus depth of expertise with nonprofits, give back programs and community contacts – DO YOUR RESEARCH! You want to select a partner with concrete experience in this area.

How do you do that?

The organization you choose should be able to help you first thoroughly discuss and evaluate the best cause for you to align with (and why) along with helping identify the donation and the impact it will have on the organization. They will want to make certain that your CSR programs are connecting your team with the community in a positive way. And they should be able to tell you if your participants are getting the most return on the emotional value of your CSR activity!

Impact 4 Good is the SOLE national and international provider of meaningful philanthropic team building events, creating and managing true CSR activities. It’s how we got our start and even today is our single focus:

  • We understand the process of carefully vetting and selecting the right community beneficiary for your corporate philanthropic event.
  • We can communicate the value and impact of the donation made to these organizations. And we will make all this information clear to our clients.
  • Creating engaging and impactful give back events with real meaning and emotion is what we have been doing for hundreds of clients now for more than 10 years.

It’s important to do your research when selecting the best CSR partner. Think twice before selecting a team building company that concentrates on fun activities as its focus. After all, you wouldn’t ask your house painter to create your family’s portrait!




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