Classroom Heroes – Supporting Our Teachers – Impact 4 Good


60-90 minutes
Meeting venue ballroom or your office space
Space Requirement:
Consider same approximate space you would use for your group’s meal or easily works within an existing general session space with tabletops and limited space.
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Almost 100 percent of educators are not provided with all the necessary school supplies in order to conduct daily learning. Teachers decide to use their own savings, without being reimbursed, and spend almost $500 annually out of their own pockets to support their students. With your efforts, educators can get the proper items needed for their day to day lessons. The goal of “Classroom Heroes” is to create awareness of the importance of supporting educators in the classroom and donating essential school supplies for teachers to hand out to help students achieve excellence in under-served community schools!

This teambuilding activity benefits teachers of all grades and subjects in the local community. Before the activity begins, our lead facilitator shares information about the beneficiary of the event, and then explains that teams must compete in high energy and interactive challenges, in which the team that tallies the most points wins! First, the “Human Scrabble” consists of teams selecting letters to try and form words with the highest point value. In the “Character Book Match” challenge, teams match books and the characters associated with their books in a timed challenge. “English 101” tasks teams with multiple face-off challenges in which the last member standing is determined the winner. In “Tower of Power,” teams participate in a STEM education design challenge to create the tallest tower possible. Lastly, math skills are put to the test with a trivia style challenge. Team scores are accumulated resulting in the overall winning team. However, the real winners are the educators benefiting from teacher kits assembled by the teams, each with messages of thanks!