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This fun and collaborative activity can be customized to give back to a number of different causes. 

The group first learns about the challenge they face: a large-scale security breach has infiltrated the internal workings of your organization and confidential company secrets are on the verge of being stolen! The security breach can be stopped before the data is lost, but only if your team can determine three pieces of information to NEUTRALIZE the threat before the download is complete and all info is gone: the name of the hackers, which city office they plan to hit, and what time the data breach will happen!

To complete this mission, the entire group must work cohesively. Every member of the team brings something to the table as you attempt to identify the three key elements necessary to stop the download. 

Teams participate in a variety of teambuilding tasks to encourage creative problem solving. One of the challenges includes a connection with the community as you assemble a meaningful donation to an organization in the community (donation type can vary depending on client philanthropic goals and interests). Only through cooperation and individual contributions will the mission be a success before the time runs out!

To close our events, we invite a representative from the beneficiary to express their gratitude and raise awareness on the impact their work has on the community. This establishes a direct connection to the cause and organization your team is supporting.


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Activity Info


90 minutes

Set Up Time

60-90 minutes

Space Requirement

Table space for each team. A/V: music/mic + screen/projection with HDMI connection for facilitator laptop.

Group Size


Philanthropic Cause(s)

Animals, Children, Community, Disaster Relief, Education, Environment, Health & Medicine, Hunger, Military & Veterans

CSR Activity Format(s)


I’ve taken part in charitable connection activities in the past and I’ve enjoyed them, but what you and your team created far, far, far exceeded expectations. At every point in the process, it’s been an absolute pleasure working with you. I look forward to working with you again in the future—you made meaningful fun very easy!


– Arnold & Porter

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