CSR Event at IRF’s 25th Annual Education Invitational Results in Donation to La Jungla in Cancun, Mexico – Impact 4 Good

On May 29, 2018, attendees of the IRF’s 25th Annual Education Invitational took part in a corporate social responsibility experience to help support people of the La Jungla community. The result of their efforts was a generous donation of piñatas. The event took place at The Grand at Moon Palace in Cancun.

The IRF worked with Impact 4 Good, a company that focuses on team-building programs that give back to local communities as well as the CSR Sponsor Liberty International, to host the CSR activity for IRF attendees. During this assembly-style activity, attendees were given a variety of materials in order to create their own unique piñatas. At the end of the day, dozens upon dozens of piñatas were made and decorated, all while members of the La Jungla community were onsite, sharing their stories and helping guide their work and creations. Attendees poured their creative hearts into these donations, with the added benefit of knowing that each of these piñatas would help sustain the La Jungla community economically, as the sales of these piñatas provided much needed income.

La Jungla is a community on the outskirts of Cancun that has about 400 families who do not have basic utility service or even an address. It is located by the use of landmarks, because La Jungla is not on the map. Families live under poor conditions even by developing country standards, and most don’t have access to school supplies, much less toys or recreational equipment. The homes they live in are built with found rubbish comprised of plywood, metal drums and other such material. Many of the children within this under-served community walk up to eight miles to school and some don’t attend school because the parents don’t have money for the bus.

Mary Alvarado, a member of the La Jungla community, came to personally say thank you to the attendees for their time and donation. After the event, a representative of the La Jungla community went on to say, “I am writing this letter on behalf of La Jungla community to express our appreciation for your recent contribution to many smiles in our community. We are grateful for your generosity and your trust. They are extremely happy about this support to their daily lives.”

Read the Thank You note by clicking here!

Thank you to our CSR sponsor Liberty International!

For over 12 years, Impact 4 Good has been an innovator in the team building industry, focused on nationwide and international delivery of community-service based activities. Impact 4 Good is dedicated to providing programs that create significant bonding experiences across corporate teams that raise employee engagement while providing tangible donations to those in need. Impact 4 Good’s clients include Fortune 500 companies to start up organizations. The company has offices in New Jersey, and Washington DC, plus support staff nationwide. For more information visit www.Impact4Good.com, or contact Alan Ranzer at 301 214 1472, or alan@impact4good.com.