Message In A Blanket – Impact 4 Good


40 to 60 minutes
Space Requirement:
Your kitchen table or desk
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Children facing overwhelming experiences, such as first hospital visit, stay in foster care or other traumatic event, feel defeated as they perceive themselves as alone during these uncertain times. Blankets are a sense of security for children, a way to help them work through the tears of an emotional moment, and to handle those tough transitions that they need extra support with. Not only does the blanket act as a comfort, but it is a physical keepsake showing that someone is there for them and cares. Through the healing power of connection, we can give these children one of the first reasons to smile during an unsettling time. The goal of this program is to provide love, a sense of security, warmth and comfort to children who are seriously ill, traumatized, or otherwise in need through the gifts of new colorful, handmade blankets.
Our host raises awareness about the organization receiving the donation and the work they do in the community, as well as how the donation makes a difference in their work. Individuals get to work assembling their colorful blankets while on live video with their colleagues in breakouts (if applicable). Affixed to each blanket is a special video message patch allowing participants to record and upload a personal “message of hope and encouragement” for the recipient. Once a child receives their blanket, they view the wholesome video and know they have a friend to help them battle through their unsettling times. The result is a meaningful and memorable donation for children who can use some serious cheering up!
Please inquire about a Self-Hosted Version.