Wee Care Kit – Impact 4 Good


90-120 Minutes
Setup Time:
60-90 minutes
Group size:
Space Requirement:
Utilize your existing general session space OR consider the same approximate space you would use for your group’s meal.
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Whether you are a parent yourself or sympathetic to the challenges of having a newborn, we can all recognize the support needed at this stage of life. This is especially true for women in vulnerable situations – such as homelessness, residing in a women’s shelter, or lacking sufficient resources to provide for their child.
With our Wee Care Program, you show these women and families that someone is in their corner, rooting for them to succeed. Providing essentials such as diapers, wipes, bottles and more in a diaper bag allows a parent to breathe easier knowing that they have proper supplies to care for their baby. Small comforts like stuffed animals, blankets a colorful painted canvas and night lights can seem like a luxury if money is tight. With enough planning time and budget, a changing table can be added to take the donation up a notch!
This program can be paired with a fun and interactive trivia quiz challenge to bring a competitive team challenge to your event.