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“Low vision” is used to describe a loss of visual acuity while retaining some vision. It’s a visual impairment that can’t be fully corrected with regular glasses, contact lenses, medication, or surgery and this challenge affects over 2.9 million people in the US.  

Our “Beacon of Hope” teambuilding activity brings together corporate groups in a fun team experience that culminates with a meaningful and worthwhile donation to a local community organization supporting people with low vision. The kit includes tools such as a bold line writing pad, compact close-up spot mirror, tactile measuring tape, and more. 

Teams earn donation materials through participation in a fun and energetic quiz show. Questions can be customized and revolve around the following themes:

  • Beneficiary/Cause 
  • General pop culture 
  • Customizable questions about your company, meeting/event, etc.

Teams answer the questions on their phones, earning points for questions they get correct and additional points for being the first to answer the questions correctly. Different rounds keep the group excited and engaged throughout!

After the quiz show, team members work together to assemble the kits to donate. Additionally, teams use high contrast markers and felt shapes on the boxes that will hold the items to provide an easily visible and tactile message of encouragement.

To close our events, we invite a representative from the beneficiary to express their gratitude and raise awareness on the impact their work has on the community. This establishes a direct connection to the cause and organization your team is supporting.


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Activity Info


60-75 minutes

Set Up Time

60-90 minutes

Space Requirement

Table space for each team + 6'x30" tables for donation assembly line. A/V: music/mic + screen/projection with HDMI connection for facilitator laptop.

Group Size


Philanthropic Cause(s)

Community, Health & Medicine

CSR Activity Format(s)


I have partnered with Impact 4 Good on a number of events, all with very different audiences and objectives, and Impact 4 Good hits the mark EVERY time.

– Philadelphia Insurance

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