As the warmth of summer approaches, so does the perfect opportunity to embrace the sunshine, step out into the fresh air, and make a positive impact on your community!

Philanthropic teambuilding programs combine the joy of giving back with the camaraderie of spending time with your team. As the days grow longer and the temperatures rise, set it as a priority to plan a team give back event for your company picnic, intern program or a summer Friday celebration (followed by early dismissal!).

Whether you prefer to venture out into the community or set up in your office courtyard, there’s an activity to suit every team’s needs and preferences. See below for outdoor, recreational and, gulp, back-to-school options to engage your team! 

Our Most Popular Outdoor Programs

Stepping away from the office routine offers a refreshing change of scenery, providing a welcome break from the daily grind. So, as summer approaches with its promise of warmth and sunshine, seize the opportunity to bond with your team in a meaningful and rejuvenating way.

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