Combating Colony Collapse Disorder – Impact 4 Good
Get a Quick Quote!Did you know that a third of the food we eat depends on bees for pollination? Currently, honeybee populations nationwide are threatened by Colony Collapse Disorder (CCD), a devastating condition in which managed beehives experience a dramatic loss in population. In some cases, up to 70% of a hive’s bees disappear almost overnight.
Our nation’s food supply depends on bees. Now, you and your company can do something about this in an innovative way with Impact 4 Good’s Beehive Building Teambuilding Activity!
Our activity engages your staff, and can be administered in groups of 10-1,000. Participants are assigned to “hives” which are named for specific bee types. They first learn a bit about beekeeping, them embark on a set of unique challenges to earn components of beehives, tools and nails. Once they have earned everything, they jump right into the main component of the activity – each team will build a beehive! The room buzzes with excitement (and the sound of hammers and nails), as groups compete to finish the first high-quality beehive.
Once all groups are done, the hives will be evaluated and prizes can be awarded in several categories, if desired. Please note: no bees will be present in this activity!
The hives are then donated to local beekeepers, who will put them to good use by setting them up for beekeeping soon after the program. In some cases, beekeepers can be present to receive the gifts, and tell the participants more about the local beekeeping industry.
This teambuilding activity will require your group to work together, make group decisions and delegate tasks to those most suited. Most importantly, participants are guaranteed to have fun while making a concrete donation to a local beneficiary, and also help reverse the devastating trend of Colony Collapse Disorder!