Build-a-Bot Robot Build – Impact 4 Good


3 hours
Meeting venue ballroom or your office space
Space Requirement:
Consider the same approximate space you would use for your group’s meal
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Technological literacy is an important aspect of education, and this community service activity strives to provide today’s youth with the best possible tools to excel. STEM education jobs are increasing at an exponential rate, far faster than their other non-STEM counterparts. Into 2020 and beyond, the presence of Artificial Intelligence (A.I.) and robotics in our day-to-day lives has grown exponentially. The industrial robotics market is expected to grow by 175% over the next decade, resulting in an influx of new career opportunities along with a diversified new set of skills to learn. Robotics has a huge impact outside of their standard manufacturing, development, and operations circles, expanding into healthcare and customer service. As a result, it is imperative to prepare future generations with the skills to fully utilize this growing field.
Impact 4 Good’s 2-hour “Build-a-Bot” activity is interactive and engaging, with teams working together to assemble a working robot that can compete in short challenges by the end of the event! The robot itself is eventually donated, and becomes an intuitive tool to teach children how to build and code their own robots, and comes equipped with educational resources and a unique curriculum designed to teach the beneficiary students the basics of coding. Teams also prepare a carrying case for the robot decorated with inspiring messages for the beneficiary children. If possible and desired, and based on availability, children can surprise your group to participate in the grand finale to build the computers with your teams! The event culminates with a beneficiary representative thanking your group in person for a meaningful donation.