NeighborGOOD – Impact 4 Good


2.5-3 hours
Starts at your meeting venue ballroom or office space and takes groups OUT into local community of major cities
Space Requirement:
Venue for give back should be same size as a meal for your group
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This event offers an opportunity for clients to get “off property” during an event to take part in a 2.5-3 hour, self-guided tour of a neighborhood within the local community. Small teams work together to discover interesting and unique aspects of a neighborhood, while also giving back with a tangible donation.
Equal parts mobile phone scavenger hunt, community volunteerism, and “The Amazing Race”, this event might be the most fun any group could possibly have out in the community, while also giving back to that very community! Teams receive 25-30 fun challenges right on their phone that ask them to find things, solve riddles, answer historical trivia questions, take fun photos, and more. During the course of the program, teams also receive a message directing them to a community service project, which can be in a hotel ballroom or at a beneficiary organization’s facility. Impact 4 Good can customize the CSR component based on a selected cause.
For every challenge completed or question answered correctly, teams earn points. The team with the most points at the end wins. The real winners, of course, are from the beneficiary organization that you are supporting during this exciting event!
Impact 4 Good partners with local schools or after-school programs that cannot afford the purchase of these hands-on learning materials for their students.