Putting For A Purpose – Impact 4 Good


2 hours
Meeting venue ballroom or your office space
Space Requirement:
Consider same approximate space you would use for your group’s meal
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One out of every six children goes to sleep wondering if they will have enough to eat the next day and millions of families rely on their neighborhood food pantry for basic food needs. Unfortunately, many of these pantries cannot keep up with the demand. The goal of this CSR activity is to support local food pantries at the destination of your next event via a large canned/boxed food donation.
Impact 4 Good has created an entertaining, competitive, and awareness-building 2-hour program that involves each team building a miniature “putt-putt” golf hole out of canned/boxed food items and participating in an exciting hole-in-one tournament to crown the winning team. Teams get some materials to start the program and can earn more materials to build their golf hole by performing well in the hunger-awareness quiz. Teams then set out to build a creative miniature golf hole, themed to the destination of the event or other business goals. When all teams have designed their holes, it’s time to play golf! The goal is not to earn the lowest score, but rather, to get as many holes-in-one possible at each hole during the time allotted. While scores are tallied, teams box or bag their food items to prepare it for delivery to the beneficiary organization. The event culminates with a beneficiary representative speaking to raise awareness of their work in the community and to say thanks to your group!