In today’s world, access to energy is often taken for granted. Yet, 789 million people still live in extreme energy poverty, lacking reliable access to electricity for their basic needs. We are  proud to introduce our latest CSR teambuilding initiative aimed at combating energy poverty. 

Our new “Shine a Light” program partners with SolarBuddy, a nonprofit whose mission is to end extreme energy poverty by assembling and distributing solar lights for students living in those regions. These lights not only illuminate homes but also brighten futures by providing students with a reliable light source for studying after dark.

The importance of supporting those living in energy poverty cannot be overstated. Lack of access to electricity not only hampers educational opportunities but also impacts health, safety, and economic development. By providing solar lights to students, we can empower them to study longer hours, improve academic performance, and break the cycle of poverty.

Participating in our new Shine a Light” program not only benefits communities in need but also strengthens teamwork, camaraderie, and employee engagement within your organization. By coming together to assemble solar lights, employees have the opportunity to make a meaningful difference while working together as a team.

Join us to “Shining a Light” on energy poverty and make a positive impact on the lives of students around the world. Our goal? Donate 500 solar lights in just 100 days to students without reliable energy access. Together, we can illuminate pathways to a brighter future for all.


Learn more at the “Shine a Light” program page.

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