Give A Hand – Impact 4 Good


90 minutes
Meeting venue ballroom or your office space
Space Requirement:
Consider same approximate space you would use for your group’s meal
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There are currently 100 million active landmines in 60 countries, with over 250 million more ready for deployment in war torn regions. Not surprisingly, 2,000 land mine accidents occur each month, with 95% of victims being civilians. The goal of this activity is for each participating team to assemble a prosthetic hand for donation to amputees around the world. To start, teams learn about the cause being supported and the importance of their work before participating in different “one-handed challenges” that exhibit the difficulties amputees live through day after day. Following these challenges, teams get to work building 1 prosthetic hand and decorating the case the hand will go in. The program closes with teams taking a photo with their assembled hand to include in the donation case. Is your group up for making a life-changing difference today?