Paying it Forward – Impact 4 Good


2 hours
Meeting venue ballroom or your office space
Space Requirement:
Consider same approximate space you would use for your group’s meal + space for challenges
Get a Quick Quote! is a non-profit organization that is revolutionizing the fight against global poverty by enabling people to connect with and make personal loans-of as little as $25 to low-income entrepreneurs in the developing world. These small loans, used to purchase business-related items such as sewing machines, livestock or other items, can empower them to earn their way out of poverty.
During this 2-hour activity, teams craft a hypothetical application for a microfinance loan of a crucial small business project and then make their case to a review board. All teams earn the opportunity to use “Kiva Cards” in $25 denominations to make real loans to real Kiva borrowers of their choosing at the end of the activity, however the winning team gets to donate even more! Together, your group can “Pay it Forward” in the name of poverty alleviation!