Pinball for All – Impact 4 Good


90 minutes to 2 hours
Meeting venue ballroom or your office space
Space Requirement:
Consider same approximate space you would use for your group’s meal
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Pinball for All is an exciting activity designed to teach attendees the importance of STEM education. STEM programs (Science Technology, Engineering and Math) focus on student’s engagement and skills from the earliest grades in science, math and technology to help foster interest for their later school years and careers.
Teams will receive pre-cut sustainable and recyclable materials and all supplies required to construct a table-top working pinball machine for tournament play. A pinball machine is made of many different parts that all come together to form a working machine. The same can be said for a corporate structure that combines varying departments into one functioning entity. And when all these parts join together, the resulting cooperation leads to a successful company!
Teams will link their customized pinball machines to create an interactive playing field that is both competitive and exciting. Which team will be the ultimate winner in this fast-paced activity? Teams learn about the REAL winning team: the organization that will receive the Pinball machines to use with children to stimulate imagination, creativity, and an appreciation for STEM Education!
Donation kits will be assembled by teams and will help children from local schools or after-school programs have a tactile understanding of these new and exciting concepts in a fun and competitive format, that also fosters the development of hand-eye coordination skills and encourages creativity.