Hero Beads for Healthcare First Responders – Impact 4 Good


20 – 40 minutes
Home Office
Space Requirement:
Your kitchen table or desk
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In times of distress, whether it’s a pandemic, natural disaster or an accident, the first people on the scene are our nation’s first responders. These individuals are trained with the necessary knowledge to combat whatever crisis comes our way, and to make our lives safer and more secure in the wake of unpredictable distress. There are many first responders, such as police officers, firefighters, and healthcare professionals, who put their safety on the line for the sake of others. In times of medical crises, the spotlight is placed on those who work in our nation’s hospitals on the front lines. Whether it’s doctors, nurses, or janitorial staff who keep everything in working order, they are deserving of our thanks and admiration.
As these heroic first responders help those most at risk, this program allows us to come together to show our support for their unyielding determination to save others via the donation of beaded hero bracelets, along with a “message of thanks” and a gift card from an online meal delivery service. Once bracelets are made and placed in jewelry boxes with messages and gift cards, participants use pre-paid shipping labels to send to the beneficiary. To close your virtual event, based on availability, a representative can join then web-conference to say a personal thanks and to raise awareness about the work they’re doing in the community.